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Visit us at VENTA LT store, Basanavičiaus st. 69, Šiauliai
1931 06 18 Furniture manufacture shop of M. Raikas and J. Rodas was established. This small company was manufacturing chairs, soft furniture, cupboards, and at the time it represented the furniture industry.
1940 The personal workshop of M. Raikas and J. Rodas was nationalized and renamed to "National Šiauliai furniture workshop No. 1".
1941 "Šiauliai furniture workshop No. 1" was renamed to "Rūdė" furniture factory. The factory was untouched by war and resumed work when it ended. "Rūdė" manufactured a wide range of products: bedroom, study furniture sets, various tables, cupboards, beds, chairs, children's furniture, sideboards, stools, boxes, baby strollers, chess, barrels, wooden containers, blackboards, desks, blinds, shelves.
1944 Šiauliai furniture factory "Rūdė" was included into Šiauliai woodworking group of enterprises, which had two working departments.
1948 Chair manufacturers group of enterprises was established.
1974 The group of enterprises was reorganised into Šiauliai furniture manufacturers union "Venta".
1991 It was reorganised into separate independant companies.
1992 Became a private holding company "Venta".
2001 "Venta" becomes a part of the "Libra Holdings" group.
2008 11 18 JSC "VENTA LT" is established. The company manufactures high quality contemporary furniture: chairs and tables from solid wood.