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The Purpose of the Device

2016 02 11

This device was invented to support a person's posture in a vertical position. The device can be either integrated into or attached to the back of a chair, attached to a driver's seat in a car, to the ceiling, or to some other stable object.  A person tucks his hands through the hoops into the device down to his underarms. The device supports the upper part of the body using one's underarms as a base. In this manner, the device eases the tension from one's lower back. The intensity of the support can be adjusted in two ways: by controlling the elasticity of the rope (by using ropes of different elasticity) and by adjusting the position of the lower pulley.

The device is suitable for daily use when it is essential to relieve the tension on one's lower back in order to let it rest; for instance, in case of excessive sitting. The device can also provide quicker rehabilitation as it helps to strengthen the muscles while keeping the body in a vertical position.

The innovative structure of the device ensures that it is comfortable to use it at all stages.  One can move around freely as the device does not restrict one's movements within a certain area. It is also easy to attach the device to a stationary base, to reposition, and transport it.